Syvers are an indie folk-electronic duo hailing from Minneapolis. The husband-wife fronted band brings together a raw and honest vulnerability focused on the process. This common tie is the thread that led them to write their debut release, the Au Fond Sessions. 

The 3-track EP, produced by the Emmy-award winning Taylor Lewin, is a collection of songs with an intimate, bare-bones gaze into the heart of relationship and the spectrum of its human experience. This release landed the duo a spot as a New & Notable artist on Noisetrade music and shows across the Midwest.

Pulling from their respective spheres of indie influences, the duo sweep

haunting layered vocals over an organic-electronic blend of synths, strings and effected beats to brew a dark blend of moody shades reminiscent of Bonobo, S. Carey, and J. Views juxtaposed against the emotion-filled drippings of Liza Anne, Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and the xx. 

As a staple of their shows, live-looping crossfades the studio composition process with the stage. With threads of samples, droning backdrops, and howling vocals crafted on the fly, capturing these inspired moments will take a new form each time their mantra is exhaled.

Continuing in the stride of their first release, Syvers is in the process of completing their first full-length studio album. The Weight & The Sound is set to be released in 2018 as Syvers brings an intimate connection of struggle, intervention, and the dance of dark and light to their audiences. 





Jason Marx / Common Mountain Agency